How To Delete Your Coinbase Account 6 Steps

They have a support number that you can call if you detect suspicious activity in your account. If you detected suspicious activity in your account, it’s best to disable it first. If there are still funds in your account, you won’t be able to close it. Click on “Close Account” to proceed to the next step to delete your Coinbase account.

  1. Investing in or trading cryptoassets comes with a risk of financial loss.
  2. After that, you should be able to transfer the USD to a bank account linked to your Coinbase account.
  3. The transaction charges on the platform are too high for many users who might eventually decide to switch to a different platform.
  4. After withdrawing your funds, transferring them to another external wallet is a great option for you.
  5. He creates guides, walkthroughs, solutions, and more on games that he plays to help other players with their progression.
  6. If you’re thinking of getting started with cryptocurrency, one of the first and most obvious places to start is by setting up a Coinbase account.

There are several reasons why you might want to delete your Coinbase account. One popular reason why most people why delete their Coinbase accounts is simply because they don’t use the platform any longer. Coinbase does not allow users to delete their accounts if they still have funds in them. When users with balances on their accounts try to delete their Coinbase accounts the exchange blocks them from doing so. If you are yet to discover this popular cryptocurrency exchange platform, then you should simply read my detailed review on Binance. As the crypto world grows, there are a myriad of options for crypto users to kickstart their venture on other platforms after clearing up their presence on Coinbase.

Before deleting your Coinbase account, it’s essential to ensure that there are no pending transactions or balances left on the platform. Make sure to transfer any remaining funds to an external wallet – you can use cryptocurrency this is how the bitcoin bubble will burst 2020 hardware wallets like Ledger or a software wallet like MetaMask. Since Coinbase is one of the SEPA-supporting exchanges, you can also convert your crypto to fiat and transfer it to a bank account linked to your Coinbase account.

When she is not writing reviews or guides about DeFi and other crypto products and services, Emma prefers to spend her time in the company of her friends and family. If you don’t want to keep your crypto on an exchange due to security concerns, then using a cryptocurrency hardware wallet is arguably the best alternative. Check our comparison of Ledger Nano X vs. S Plus to see which cold storage solution might be best for you.

Can’t delete or close Coinbase account?

Coinbase users have reported unexplained account closures and suspensions before, and in some cases, the company has said that it has frozen user funds as well as account balances. If you decide to close your Coinbase account, you must ensure that you retrieve any funds currently in your account before removing them. Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is an entry point into the cryptocurrency space for many who may be willing to venture onto other platforms after starting off there.

There are several reasons why you might want to delete or close your Coinbase account. Regardless of your reason for closing your Coinbase account, the process is an easy one. Coinbase is a top centralized exchange in how and where to buy bitcoin in the uk the cryptocurrency industry. On the platform, you can purchase crypto using any of the available payment methods in your country, send and receive crypto on your account, purchase NFTs and other crypto assets + more.

Contact Coinbase’s support team and ensure all your inquiries or problems are appropriately addressed. If you were searching for a way to delete your Coinbase account on the Coinbase website or mobile app, we hope you found this article helpful. Once the balance on your Coinbase account is exactly 0, you can then proceed with the account deletion process and your account should be deleted within the next 24 hours.

For those wanting to clean up their accounts, figuring out how to delete a Coinbase account may be a hassle. If you still have a remaining balance in any of your wallets, you’ll need to send them to another wallet. If you don’t know the reason why I do not use them, it’s because their transaction fees are very high compared to other similar crypto exchanges like Binance. Once you have confirmed, your Coinbase account will be permanently deleted. In addition, you can transfer your crypto directly to another exchange. We suggest Binance, which is widely considered one of the best crypto exchanges due to its impressive feature set and a large number of supported cryptocurrencies.

Yes, you can delete your Coinbase account at any time – before verification or after verification. On the drawer menu, tap [Profile & Settings] to open the Profile and Settings on the Coinbase app. On the home screen of the Coinbase app, tap on the Menu icon on the top left corner of the screen. With this, you have successfully deleted your account on the Coinbase website.

If you have not verified your Coinbase account yet, then you can simply follow the same process and it will even be more easier than when you’ve been using it. These are the frequently asked questions on how to close and delete Coinbase and Coinbase Pro account permanently, without any problem. Before joining CoinCodex, Emma had been covering stories at the intersection of culture, entertainment, and technology. Upon her friend’s recommendation to invest in Bitcoin in 2015, she became interested in all things crypto.

There are a myriad of centralized and decentralized exchange platforms for you to trade and invest. It is worth noting that Coinbase will retain some of your information for a minimum of five years after the account was closed in an effort to comply with legal obligations and to prevent fraud. In the following steps, we are going to show you how to close your Coinbase account permanently.

Log in to Coinbase & click on the menu

If you’re using Coinbase on a mobile device, this page might not be responsive. If you’re using Coinbase on a desktop, simply click on the “Activity” tab to go to the activity page. Once you’re on the website, click on the menu icon, then log in to your account. Hence, if you delete your Coinbase account, your Coinbase Pro account will also be deleted. But before you delete your Coinbase account, you need to know that both Coinbase and Coinbase Pro share most of your account’s settings. Always transfer your funds to a safe wallet, which using hardware wallet (like; Ledger Nano X/S) has proven to be the most secured in the space.

Start buying crypto in 3 simple steps

If you’re thinking of getting started with cryptocurrency, one of the first and most obvious places to start is by setting up a Coinbase account. The views and opinions expressed by the author, or any people mentioned in this article, are for informational purposes only, and they do not constitute financial, investment, or other advice. Investing in or trading cryptoassets comes with a risk of financial loss.

After you’ve closed your account, Coinbase will still retain some of your personal information for reasons of legal obligations, preventing fraud, and resolving disputes. While they may access the cryptocurrency exchange on their mobile device’s browser, the Coinbase app does not allow them to delete their accounts. In addition to this, many users also choose to close their account due to higher transaction fees. The transaction charges on the platform are too high for many users who might eventually decide to switch to a different platform.

Coinbase is now more cautious in blocking suspicious accounts to make that users’ funds and information are safe. It’s worth noting that deleting the Coinbase app does not delete your Coinbase account, but simply removes the app from your mobile device. Reinstalling the app will allow you to login with your old credentials.

However, you cannot delete your Coinbase account if you have a remaining balance in any of your wallets. Once you’re on the “Activity” page, scroll does cyberghost vpn log your data privacy guides down and click on “Close Account” to delete your account. Or maybe you want to transfer your cryptocurrency holdings to another wallet.

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